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Let’s Get You Ready

Let us help you put your plan together..


Here are the planning worksheets:


Learning to Relax

As part of the reboot, we want you to find at leasts ONE truly relaxing activity to pursue daily.

What is True Relaxation?

It probably isn’t what you think… Learn about what you want to do to best support your body.


Here is a guided Savasana. If you need a tutorial for doing this pose, click here.

Feet Up the Wall

Click here for a resource on how to do this pose along with some variations you might enjoy.

Vagus Nerve

Here are a few very simply tools for stimulating the vagus nerve.


In case you need a bit more info.

Common harsh, Toxics chemicals found in your home can cause inflammation

In case you want more information about toxins and the issues with them.

Glass spray bottles for the Thieves Household Cleaner.

Ways to use Thieves Cleaner

Podcast Episode #3:
Out with the BAD: Cleaning Up Our Homes

Learn about the dangers common toxins found in our homes pose on our family’s health. Statistics and studies are shared in the podcast.

Podcast Episode#14:
3 Simple Changes – Make a Huge Difference on Your Body

Changing just 3 things in your home can significantly reduce the harsh toxic chemicals in your home. Just 3.

Building a supportive bedtime routine

If you struggle with sleep, this info may help you. While many issues can be causing the sleep issues, establishing a relaxing bedtime routine can be helpful.
If you are using Sleep Essence as part of your reboot, try one capsule the first night. If it’s not enough, try two. Two is the recommended dosage, but we often find one is all you need. Plan to use it for the 2 weeks to really reset your natural cycle.
Check out Laura’s video to help create your bedtime routine (print the worksheet) and then check out Denae’s video to learn about other products Young Living has to help support a good night’s sleep.

    A few thoughts about the sleep issue

    Check out the next videos for more ideas. You can set up a supportive bedtime routines and then watch Denae share about her bedtime routine with Young Living.

    Create Your Bedtime Routine
    Young Living Products for Sleep

    Coming off the Cleanse – with intention

    You’re almost done! How does it feel?

    Now, what does your first morning when you are done look like? You want to be intentional with what you will do going forward.

    You won’t want to necessarily go back to the way things were before the Reboot AND you probably don’t even want to. So let’s be intentional with what we do!

    NOTE: The worksheet is now in the Reset Workbook bundle.

    Supportive Educational Topics

    Laughter Suggestions

    While “Daily fun & laughter” is optional, we hope you take it seriously! Here is a doc we created with a bevy of ideas for sources of laughter. It’s an editable Google Doc so feel free to add your own to the list!

    It’s a Mindset not a diet

    We are here to change our lifestyle, not just a quick weight loss.

    What is intermittent fasting

    One of the steps we suggest is to give your body a longer break between dinner and breakfast. Intermittent fasting has many benefits.

      Start the day – in a positive way

      Whether you have 5 min or 2 hours, being intentional with your morning time can help you start the day in a truly healty way. These first few moments of your day can set you up to make it easier to make healthier choices throughout the day.

      See you soon! Can’t wait to get started!