Happy April! Here are a few announcements for you…
Weekly Wellness Text:
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Young Living’s Spring Launch is SATURDAY, April 6 – and that means NEW THINGS!! Stay tuned here for whatever they release!
SIMPLY :: clean, a 14-day life reset:
We are doing another round beginning on March 11th!
And for those of you who did SIMPLY :: clean with us last year, we have updated it for this year – following Young Living’s guidelines, drinking more Ningxia Red – what a difference!
I lost FIVE POUNDS in January – and the only change I made because I wanted to test it was the Ningxia Red. My energy and focus was also truly spectacular. (To be honest, I didn’t realize I could have that much focus and energy. I don’t remember ever feeling that good.)
I wrote a blog post with even more about my journey this year of doing the reset each month. Check out my results so far: My Year to THRIVE.https://LauraErdmanLuntz.com/thrive.
Come join us!
Here are a few other symptoms you just might enjoy improvement with through SIMPLY :: clean:
  1. Unexplained weight gain?
  2. AND difficulty LOSING the weight?
  3. Joint pain?
  4. Disturbed sleep?
  5. Lack of energy?
  6. Foggy brain?
  7. Bloating?
  8. Other GI issues such as constipation, diarrhea, reflux?
It’s true!
Waistline and Minimizing Belly Fat
Denae, Natalie and I have been hard at work with this one all year and hope to have it out by next week.
It’s safe, sustainable and will make a difference in not only your waistline, but your energy, focus and so much. more!
(Peri)menopause doesn’t have to be the struggle bus it can be!
Click here to grab it for FREE:  https://SimplyTWP.com/toolkit
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SIMPLY :: clean
14-Day Life Reset
Starts March 11th!
All you need to get ready is 102 ounces of Ningxia Red!
More info here: https://SimplyTWP.com/clean.
Do you know about our resources?
RESOURCE #1: SIMPLY :: the wellness blueprint
RESOURCE #2: PODCAST: SIMPLY :: the wellness podcast
RESOURCE #3: Oily U: Our educational platform – right on our website!
RESOURCE #4: SIMPLY Sharin’, our weekly, fun email.
RESOURCE #5: WeeklyWellness Texts: Text “weekly” to (612) 263.7686. (You can also text this number – it’s a private contact for me.)
Let’s look at each one:
RESOURCE #1: SIMPLY :: the wellness blueprint
Have you grabbed our workbook for getting started (or taking the next step?): SIMPLY :: the wellness blueprint.
You can also feel free to share this one with others. It’s so helpful when someone wants to be healthier, but can’t figure out where to begin.
PODCAST: SIMPLY :: the wellness podcast
We were looking for super easy ways to get educational topics to you! Look for super quick tips in the new year.
You can find previous episodes here and all the platforms where you can find our podcast – and be sure to subscribe/follow!
Check out our super easy, educational platform – right on our website! We have dozens of modules on so many topics such as: Hormones for her & him, Digestion 101, Immunity, Back to School, Babies & Pregnancy, Essential Oils for Athletes/Yogis/Men, Beginner’s Guide to Natural Living, DIY Perfumes & Colognes, SO MANY TOPICS!
And each module includes: a website where you can read all the good things + printables to support what you are learning. Sometimes we also have a webinar video, if we did one on that topic.
You do need a “membership” to access the modules but it’s free when you set up a FREE Young Living account through our referral link.
Each month we release 2-3 new modules. These modules are open to the public so you can share with people you think might be interested.
This month the open modules are:
  1. Digestion 101:
  2. Here is the whole module: https://simplytwp.com/Digestion/
  3. Handout with dos & don’ts for digestion:https://simplytwp.com/…/US_Digestion_101_Do_s_and_Don…
  4. Immunity 101
Check out all the modules here:
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