Happy Summer! I have a few fun announcements for you this month so grab some coffee and read on!
In a nutshell:
  • Did you know…
  • NEW Module in Oily U!
  • AWESOME Gifts with Purchase items this month – and new levels.
  • AWESOME sharing gifts
  • NEW round of SIMPLY :: clean
  • Coming Soon… the wellness place on YouTube!
  • Coming Soon… new fun for those who want to be our coworkers!



We have THREE awesome ways to get education to you as entertainment:
  • Podcast: SIMPLY :: THE WELLNESS PODCAST: We have 28 episodes already waiting for you! Including:#27: 3 Habit Hacks: What if Changing Habits Could be Easier?
    #28: 5 Wellness Changes for When You Reach a “Certain Age”
    #14: 3 Simple Changes – Make a Huge Difference on Your Body
    #15: 7 Ways to Truly Reach…Ahhhhh…. | Let’s Relax
  • Email: weekly SIMPLY :: THE WELLNESS EMAILS: Denae and I spent weeks designing this email to make it fun to read and helpful. We just released a new format making it even easier!
  • AND…
Weekly Wellness Text
Are you on our weekly wellness text yet? You get some great tips and tricks for ways to use products. They are fast and fun and it’s free! (See what I did there with the alliteration?)
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! 🙂
  1. And text me the word: weekly
  2. Then follow the directions.
Want texts on spring topics? Text “spring”.
More specialized texts series coming soon!



NEW Oily U Module:

The NEW module is Hair, Skin & Nails
  • Printable: 10 Ways to Improve Your Hair, Skin & Nails: GRAB IT HERE
  • You can get a FREE membership to Oily U just for being in our community. GET IT HERE.
Check the graphic above. You’ll see we have NEW levels for the gifts.
AND the gifts this month are some of my FAVES:
  • Valor: This oil is so amazing – great for deepening sleep, grounding (to help you relax), letting go, feeling more courageous, kind of you name it, and it’s Valor!
  • Northern Lights Black Spruce: So grounding (read: get you out of your head) so a great sleep oil! Also keeps you grounded as you work on living your dreams!
  • Super B: Honestly, we all need this supplement. B gets used up in our body during stress. Like I said, we all need it.


SIMPLY :: clean, a 14-day reset

We are doing another round of SIMPLY :: clean, a 14-day life reset this month, beginning June 10th.
I just finished my 5th round – things are changing, my friends! My energy is off the charts, I’m sleeping solidly and I’ve lost weight.
I’ve been sharing my journey in thisPOST.
If you want to join us for the next SIMPLY :: clean, comment below to let us know so we can hook you up with the resources. Then order the Ningxia Red Loyalty Rewards bundle.



Invite a Friend

This month’s Share with a Friend gifts are awesome! Yes, indeed a case of ZYNG and a really cool summer cooler tote!
Invite friends to join you with our SIMPLY :: clean!
All you need to do:
  • Share our info pate with them: https://SimplyTWP.com/clean.
  • Give them your referral link:Log into your YoungLiving.com account.
    Under “My Account”, scroll down to ShareYL and click.
    Copy “Your Personal Referral Link”.
  • Have them use the discount code “ShareYL” as they are checking out to save an additional 10%. (And be sure they are on Loyalty Rewards for the extra goodies!)
And voila! We will take care of getting them all the info about our community.
Oh, and if you are a:
  • Customer: YOU get 25% back in product credit
  • Brand Partner: YOU get 50% back in $$$!


Coming Soon… the wellness place on YouTube!

It’s true! Look for it some time this summer!

Coming Soon… new fun for those who want to be our coworkers!

​If you have ever considered stepping into sharing Young Living with others, let me know. We have some fun things planned for this summer!
I hope you join us! It’s a great opportunity to take some tangible steps for your wellness!
If you have any questions at all, you can reply to this email or the texts I send!