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SIMPLY :: healthy

Thursday, 5/11, 7pm c (8pm e)

Are you in peri-menopause or post-menopausal and struggle with weight loss?

Did you know how we take care of ourselves and lose weight changes when we reach that stage?

Join us for this masterclass and learn more about where you need to focus to get the biggest bang out of your time.

It’s free. Join us and invite a friend!

S I M P L Y :: clean

Our first two round haVE been incredible!
Here are just a few of the testimonials:

“I can’t believe how much better I feel! My whole body feels less “puffy.” I suffer from joint inflammation that I notice the most in the AM. Now I get up and I can wiggle my fingers (especially my thumbs) without limitation. I also have lost a few pounds which is a huge bonus!” Denae Harder

Life has been stressful lately so I am happy to report better “output” (bowel) and increased energy.” Kathy Linnan

“Definitely feeling more energetic.”  MiRinda Kovacs

“I’m feeling pretty good! It hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be! I’ve lost a few pounds and my knees aren’t feeling as “tight” as they usually do. So far, so good!” Ellen Johnson

“I’ve lost 4 pounds and the joint pain is markedly improved. My thumbs joints have hurt for years and it is so much better. Not sure my energy is up, but it’s tax season so crazy at work.” Karla Evans

May 2023: Next round of S I M P L Y :: clean. 

Looking to be healthier? Lighter? More energy?

Specifically, do ANY of these get you excited?:

  • Lose weight?
  • Experience less joint pain?
  • Sleep more deeply?
  • Have more energy?
  • Better focus?
  • Reduced bloating
  • And maybe even improve test results at the doctors?


Resources for members of
S I M P L Y :: the wellness place

Oily U: This page right here AND our educational hub. Scroll down to check out the dozens of modules we have for you on a huge variety of topics.

SIMPLY :: the wellness blueprintA great place to begin AND for a next step in your wellness. Open to anyone so feel free to share with others.

SIMPLY :: the wellness podcast: From getting started info to quick tips and longer educational topics, our podcast makes it so easy to learn more on the go – and it comes directly to your phone!

Essential Oils 101 E-Course: A quick tutorial on the oils. Feel free to share with others!

Getting Started: This page has a TON of great info for someone who is just getting started. Check it out!


A FREE Membership to Oily U: Scroll down to contact us, if you don’t already have a membership. (It’s FREE!)

In Oily U, you get access to:

  • Special Topics: Begin to go through the special topics to find what interests you. We definitely recommend learning more about Ningxia Red, Thieves and CBD products.
  • Brand Partner Mentorship: Want to join us as a coworker? We would love to have you! AND you get FREE mentorship!

THEN, check out:

  • Explore: Share with a friend. The intro pages are open to non-Young Living peeps.
  • Peruse the information about the Home-Based Business Opportunity: It’s fabulous!

PS: If you aren’t yet a member of Simply Serendipity, check here to learn more! (All you need to do is order any product through a current member of Simply Serendipity OR our referral link!)

Just got your kit?

Have you seen our getting started info yet?

Special Topics:

JUS T RELEASED: New Modules for this month.
Unlocked for anyone to enjoy – feel free to share.

Aging Gracefully

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