Simply RISE UP!

Module #4

Okay, take a deep breath. You have been through the basic training. You know ENOUGH to get started. (Yes, you do, in case you don’t think you do.)

We are here to answer questions, and hold your hand.

Here’s what I want to encourage you to do as we move into a new month:

  • Have your list of people you want to engage with around the oils handy — as in all the time. Add to it when you think of someone new.
  • Schedule an intro event you or your mentor will lead (via Zoom) OR simply send them to the OilyU intro (
  • Set a goal to contact a certain number of new peeps every day. A good number is 2. Remember, your intention is to RECONNECT, to say hi, to see how things are going. Allow YL discussion to come up organically. (You know, when they mention having a hard time sleeping, or being concerned about how strong their immunity is, or wondering how to make their mask more bearable.)
  • Set a goal to FOLLOW UP with a certain number of people each day, too. These are people you have already reconnected with OR people who have expressed an interest in the products. Let them know something you learned about the oils that they would find interesting or about the next class coming up or the next business training (9/1). I like to follow up with at least 2 each day.

We are here for you and you can totally do this! COMMENT on the in our group or REPLY to this email with:

  1. How many people you will connect with each day?
  2. How many follow ups you will do?
  3. What event you will be inviting people to?
  4. What your goal is for the end of next month. You know what your goal is for the end of the following month. (It was the 90-day goal you set for this training.) What is left of your goal to do? Divide it in half and make that your next month’s goal.

Got hesitations? Guessing yes…it happens..we have a started for you to get it out or you can reply to this email

The main page for the training in Oily U is here: Simply scroll down and you will find the link for each of the week’s of training.

So excited to take these steps with you!