Young Living for Yoga Teachers

The BEST Way to Make More Money as a Yoga Teacher

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From Laura: Between you and me, I’m so glad I took the time to learn more. This company changed my life and my business model in more ways than I can count.

I’m excited for you…you are on the edge of an exciting adventure!

Here are the topics we cover:

  1. Why you need a home-based business
  2. Why network marketing as a great choice
  3. Why Young Living makes a particularly great network marketing company
  4. Why OUR community is a great one to choose as your business partner

Let’s Get You Started!

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  • Order the Business Essentials Kit ($1). (They will be discontinuing this kit soon and you will just need to tick a box that says you want to be a Brand Partner.)
  • Order a Make a Shift Kit: You can order any single, 100pv order to get your wholesale account set up, but these are the best deal. Definitely recommend the oil Make a Shift Kit, but any are appropriate!

Have questions? Email us to let us know: YES [at] SimplyTWP [dot] com.

Our Young Living community has many resources designed specifically to support Yoga Teachers

If you are intrigued, we would love to answer any questions you have! You can go back to the person who sent you to this page or if you happened upon us, scroll down and complete the “Contact Us” form so we can contact you and help support you in making the best decision for you and for your business.

Yoga + Essential Oils™
Yoga Teacher Training

Want to TEACH with the oils? We have an online training for it. Learn how to incorporate oils into whatever style of Yoga you teach. Be able to niche your teaching to distinguish yourself in the crowd.

Young Living for
Yoga Teachers

We have a business training specifically for Yoga Teachers to help you build a sustainable business, gently sharing with your students and your family & friends. The training includes HOW to share with students without teaching with the oils and a launch strategy, including swipe copy for marketing.

[Free for SIMPLY : the wellness place members.]

Yoga + Essential Oils™
Facebook Community

A place for you and your students to go to learn more and enjoy a community of people. We run regular educational events and challenges.

Reopening: Fall 2024.

[Yoga + Essential Oils Community]

Yoga + Essential Oils™
Instagram account

Come learn more about how to use the oils in your practice and in your teaching. Get recipes, tips, inspiration and a bit of humor. Send your students so they can learn more, too!

SO MUCH great content already there waiting for you!


AND our team also has a bevy of resources for non-Yogis, too.

So you can easily support the non-yogis in your community, too!

We have educational programs for new people, a FB community and lots of fun and challenges as well as business training and mentorship, if people choose to take advantage of the opportunity.

And many of these resources are available to everyone – not just our members! Check here for the list.


Our website for product education & business training: Oily U