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What are your wellness Resolutions?

Essential oils are so much more than lovely aromas. They are nature’s powerful wellness tools.

We’ve all had what we call an “aha moment” with essential oils – you know, when you suddenly realize, “Holy cow! That worked!”  We found life-changing solutions and that’s why we are so passionate about letting you in on the secret.

Here are 3 ways we’ve had incredible experiences with the oils.

which ones resonate with you or a loved one?

Here’s the thing…sometimes it just takes one product.

Physical Discomfort Limiting You?

Here is Denae’s story…see if anythng resonates with you.

  • Valor*: Resonates with bone – a great support for maintaining alignment.
  • Panaway*: Great for rubbing on sore muscles.
  • Agiliease: Supplement to supports healthy cartilage, joint flexibiity & mobility AND the body’s healthy response to inflammation.
  • Aminowise: Helps with physcial recovery (i.e. exericse, shoveling, gardening, etc.)
  • CBD Muscle Rub: Think benefits of CBD + the power of essential oils.

* These oils are in the Premium Starter Bundle (PSB).

Ready for Deeper Sleep?

Here’s Natalie’s fave sleep support:

  • Lavender*: Super calming oil
  • Stress Away*: Great for when you are wound
  • Sleep Essence: A supplement with melatonin and calming oils like chamomile and vetiver.
  • Immupro: A supplement with melatonin and immune supporting mushrooms
  • Unwind: Full of natural support for when you are anxious. May for kids but adults love it, too!

* These oils are in the Premium Starter Bundle (PSB).

Looking for Smoother Digestion?

Laura’s fave products for digestion:

  • DiGize*: Powerful blend of oils to support digestion.
  • Peppermint*: So good for digestion! (Also, good for focus, muscular discomfort, energy & more!)
  • Essentialzyme-4: Enzymes you need to help you digest food you are eating – and you don’t always have them!
  • Life 9: Probiotics – Good digestive bugs for your gut. (As in 17 billion from 9 strains!) Supports healthy immune function, maintains optimal metabolism and promostes normal intestinal function.

* These oils are in the Premium Starter Bundle (PSB).

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