Learn Essential Oils E-Course

We are so excited to share our passion with you. These essential oils and oil-infused products have literally changed our lives in so many areas, and we can’t wait for you to learn more. In this course, I share with you the basics so you can get started!

#1: Why Do We Care?

(1 min)

Let’s start with what we consider to be the most important point – why are essential oils amazing?

#2: What are Essential Oils…in a Nutshell

(1 min)

#3: Does Purity Matter with Essential Oils?

(3 min)

#4: How to Use the 12 Oils in the Starter Bundle

(5 min)

#5: How to Use Essential Oils

(3 min)

#6 How the Vibration & Frequency of Essential Oils Affects Us

(5 min)

#7: One More Crucial Thought

(3 min)

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