Congratulations on your WIN! Here is the list of prizes we have. We have one of each, so if there is an X by a choice, it has already been taken. 

Let us know which one you want! Prizes will be shipped the first week of August.


Prize List: 

  1. EO Key Chain
  2. Dryer balls
  3. XX Diffuser necklace (with a variety of colored balls)
  4. Fave reference guide
  5. XX 10ml Rose quartz roller
  6. YL Beanie + scarf – special from Alaskan cruise
  7. XX My Destiny Oil + Pin (exclusive oil from 2017 convention)
  8. XX Diffuser bracelet from Living Diffused (Leah’s design)
  9. XX Animals 101 mini-book
  10. Fearless mini-book: Confidence with Essential Oils
  11. Chemical Free Home 2 book
  12. Chemical Free Home 3 book
  13. Essential Oil reference book (pocket version): Rediscovering Nature’s Essentials
  14. Aroma Woman booklet
  15. Fun Easy Recipes Throughout The Seasons using EOs booklet (recipes for all kinds of DIY projects)
  16. Fun Easy Recipes with Your Starter Kit booklet
  17. Aroma Clean (Create a healing home as you clean!) booklet
  18. XX Travel oiler Kit… with 6 most important oils for travel!
  19. Men’s Ningxia Red socks
  20. XX Set of 4 dryer balls
  21. XX 16oz Thieves Glass Spray Bottle
  22. XX A very special, customized roller
  23. XX 5ml Clove Vitality
  24. xx Lucy Libido book + Roller
  25. XX 5ml Clarity + Roller for on-the-go