PV Assistant

Once you are on Essential Rewards (ER), be sure to set up your PV Assistant to protect your account.

Watch the video to learn how to set it up and read below for more information.

Click on “PV assistant” under Essential Rewards on the left-hand side to set up or manage your “backup” cart.

Set your PV goal

Use the blue “Edit” link to set your PV goal.

The amount you set your “PV Goal” to will ensure your ER cart does not fall BELOW that total you have set.  If one of your products in your ER cart goes out of stock before it processes and you don’t catch it in time to replace it with something else, the system will pull the TOP product from your PV assistant cart and add it to your ER order.

  • Set it to a minimum of 50PV.
    • All ER orders must be 50PV in order to count as an active month.
  • If you get a paycheck from Young Living, set it to a minimum of 100PV.
    • In order to receive all bonuses, commissions, and special bonuses like Rising Star Team Bonus, you must spend 100PV on ER.
  • If you like to receive FREE products at 190, 250, 300 PV, set it to your desired amount.
    • You can see mine is set to 300 because I like to qualify for ALL the freebies every month.

Add your desired products

  • Click the “Add Products” button and choose your PV Assistant products.
    • We recommend choosing products between 10-25 PV. If something for 15 PV from your ER cart goes out of stock and all you have are 50PV products in your PV assistant, it will pull that top product of 50PV into your ER cart and your total cost of the order will go up accordingly. If you are ok with that, then great!
    • Choose products you love having backups or maybe something new you want to try that you haven’t ordered yet.

Set your products up in order of priority.

Click-and-drag the right side of each gray product box to the position and order you wish PV Assistant to select. Note: PV Assistant pulls products starting at the top, going in the top-to-bottom order of the items you list.

Click Turn ON PV assistant to ensure you are good to go!

If your PV assistant is ON and your ER cart falls below 50 and for some odd reason it doesn’t pull something from PV assistant to ensure you are above your desired total, Young Living will honor the computer mistake. They will add your product and not penalize you by dropping you back to month 1 or charging you shipping for the product that ships separately. You must call Young Living (1-800-371-3515) or live chat (found at the top of the website) to fix the problem.