Immune support is something we can all use. Luckily, Young Living has just the thing. We all love Thieves Vitality Essential Oil Blend for just this thing.

Thieves Vitality was created based on research about four thieves in France who covered themselves with cloves, rosemary, and other aromatics while robbing plague victims. This proprietary essential oil blend was university tested for its cleansing abilities. It is highly effective in supporting the immune system and good health.

Because it is so beneficial, Young Living has a whole line of products using Thieves – many are perfect for your school age child!

Thieves Vitality Essential Oil Blend: Have your child take a drop of it internally to support his or her immune system. You can add it to water or give it to them in a teaspoon of honey.

Here are a few other Thieves products you will want to send your child to school with.

Waterless Hand Purifier: Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier can be used by adults and children to keep hands clean and promote good hygiene, without the use of water. Dermatologist tested. I keep a bottle in each of the kids’ backpacks (and in my purse, and in each car, you get the picture!)

Thieves Spray and Thieves Wipes: Thieves® Spray and Thieves®Wipes are ideal for use on door handles, toilet seats, and any surface that needs cleansing to protect from dust, mold, and undesirable microorganisms. Again, I keep a bottle of each of the kids’ backpacks (and my purse!) for easy use!

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