Overview of the Series:

In this series, I wanted to share enough information with you to get you as passionate as I am about the incredible possibilities of the oils without overwhelming you.  A tall order! So I thought breaking it up into different episodes would help. So, over all seven episodes, I will be covering:

Video 1 (4 min): Why Should We Care? I share 2 reasons why essential oils and especially Young Living is so important right now.

Video 2 (1 min): What essential oils…in a nutshell:  I’ll make this easy!

Video 3 (3 min): Purity is Everything. Trust me.: You don’t know what you don’t know. You really need to pay attention to this episode to make sure you are keeping your family and you safe.

Video 4 (5 min): How to Use the 12 Oils in the Starter Kit: Young Living has over 200 oils, We won’t go through all 200! 🙂 Let’s look at these 12 so you get an idea of what you can do with oils.

Video 5 (3 min): How Do You Use Essential Oils: And a few Safety Concerns: Let’s talk about how to use them. Is there a best way? Where do you need to be careful?

 Video 6 (5min): Vibration & Frequency: You are going to love this – simply sniffing these oils can help you feel better!

Video 7 (5 min): Read to order? Let’s talk how.


Video #1: 2 Reasons (+1) Why Essential Oils, and Young Living, are so Important

I share two reasons – although really #2 has to do with #1, too – and then a bonus third!

Reason #1: Toxins in our home

We have more toxins lurking in our home than we realize, especially here in the US. They can be found in many of our everyday things: household cleaners, personal care products (soap, shampoo, lotion, deodorant, make up, and so much more!), carpeting, clothes, etc.

There are tens of thousands of untestested chemicals used today. While not all are toxic, of course, many are and manufacturers can hide them in products.

Manufacturers can hids over 300 chemicals under the term “fragrance” and “natural flavors”, the government’s way of protecting corporations. (I know…don’t get me started!)

These chemicals found in our everyday products have been linked to:

  • Disrupt the endocrine system: Our endocrine system runs our hormones and this system is dysfunctional in many of us. From early onset menses, to infertility issues to crazy perimenopausal symptoms, adrenal issues and thyroids, our endocrine systems are hurting.
  • Affect our cellular health. These toxins can even rewrite our DNA!
  • Reduce mental clarity: Brain fog, brain disorders, and attention issues: 1 in 150 children had ADD & ADHD 10 years ago. Now it is 1 in 50.
  • Increase allergies.
  • Harm our respiratory health.
  • Reduce our energy levels. 
  • Carcinogenic – meaning they can cause cancer

AND they weaken our immune system. Think of it this way, if the body is focused on getting rid of the toxins that are in our bodies, it can’t use energy to fight germs.


Did you also know…

Our skin is our largest organ – about 20 square fee – and it is highly absorbent. In fact, of all the ways to get things into our body – mouth, nose and skin – it is the only access path without any filters. What we put on our skin goes right into our blood stream and liver. (Includes: personal care products and cleaners and anything in the air that lands on our skin.)


Adding to all of this is the disturbing practice by many corporations called “Greenwashing”. Since there are very few regulations in the US on what constitutes “eco-friendly” or “environmentally friendly”, many corporations use this label even when they have toxic chemicals hiding in their products because they know consumers will pay more for a safer product in their home.

Yep, disturbing.


Reason #2: Wellness

We need all we can get to support our health. In comes the power of essential oils. While I share more about what essential oils are and how to use them in the next video, here I want to point out one thing: essential oils support all of the systems in the body, they help keep us strong.

AND, when we consider Young Living products which are ALL infused with essential oils, we get a two-fer: free of harsh, toxic, chemicals and infused with essential oils.

You know what that means?

Young Living products not only DON’T harm, they HELP!

Think of that distinction: Not just safer, but beneficial!


Reason #3: Home-Based Business

While you never have to do the business in Young Living (over 90% of YL customers never share with another – they just enjoy the products), you can.

If we learned anything in the past couple of years, having a home-based business and a bit of a side-income is a good thing, not to mention the tax benefits!

Here’s the thing with Young Living, especially if you are a member of our community, you can do a little or a lot. You can just dabble and share with a few friends and family (which is fun because you create a lovely circle of YL-lovers around you for support), or you can dive in and go for a more substantial income.

You can check out the income disclosure here: YL Income Disclosure. It’s quite inspiring! AND you get to help people along the way! I rarely have a week go by when I don’t get a message from something thanking me for introducing them to these products. Really.

AND, you also get our support, access to so many resources to help you build your business, including mentorship.


Phew! So many good things! See you in the next video. It’s a quickie on what essential oils are…in a nutshell!


Next Video #2

What are Essential Oils…in a Nutshell

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