Video #7: Best Way to Order from Young Living

Let’s get you the BEST price! Young Living has a 24% discount that is super easy to access. Here’s what you can do:

Way #1: Loyalty Order

You can order anything as Loyalty Reward order for 24% off.

Loyalty Rewards is Young Living’s extremely generous frequent buyer plan. It’s a monthly “wellness box” of whatever products you want and then you get a percentage page in points that you can use toward free products.

  • Month 1-3: 10% back
  • Month 4-24: 20% back
  • Month 25+: 25% back

(Yeah, those points add up FAST!)

Here’s the thing, Loyalty Rewards is free to start and free to quit – so there’s no penalty to ordering one time to access the discount.

AND you join our community’s #ClubLR which comes with many bonuses!


Way #2: Any 100pv order

Any 100pv order (about $100 or most starter bundles) will unlock the 24% discount for a full year.


Benefits of SIMPLY :: the wellness place

Once you place a single order with Young Living through our referral link, you become a member of our community: the wellness place.

As a member, each month you receive:

– A personal, wellness, concierge, to help you navigate your own wellness path.

– Access to our online, educational platform, Oily U, full of dozens of wellness, educational modules that can be accessed in your own time on how you can incorporate Young Living products into your own wellness routine.

– Access to our online, wellness community for support and inspiration.

– Monthly Wellness Challenges

– and more!



Check out the Bundles here: Starter Bundles

Order here:

–:: This link takes you to a selection of starter kits. You can choose those or pick anything else from Young Living!

— :: You will see your enroller as Senja, Inc. – that’s us!

Learn about the Bundles here:

(Note: you don’t have to start with a bundle. It’s a good deal, though!)

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