Why I love Essential Rewards (ER):
A Love Story by Laura Erdman-Luntz​

I was blown away by Essential Rewards from the beginning. Receiving free products (many of which I want to try anyway OR needed to order) AND points back?

What store does that? AND for things I needed to buy anyway: laundry detergent, dish soap, shampoo, vitamins, protein shakes. I was buying them other places without a return AND, with Young Living, they are CLEAN of toxins.

Young Living tends to be more expensive; ALL truly cleaner products are. (Fillers are what make products cheaper) BUT with the membership discount, points back and FREE monthly products, I think you are getting your money’s worth! (Check out this post on all the ways you get FREE things from Young Living!)

Plus, before we began with Young Living, we were already enjoying relatively clean products and found that some of the YL products were less expensive than what we were buying — and cleaner still! (Thieves Household Cleaner at around 88 cents a spray bottle? Yep, cheaper!)

But what really shocked me was adding up what I was receiving:

  • Monthly Promos: Each month YL throws in a few products, for free, when you hit certain purchasing levels. At the highest amount (300pv), you receive between $180 and $300 worth of FREE products. Conservatively, over the last year, I have received over $2400 worth of FREE products through the monthly promos!
  • Points back: I have now been in the ER program for more than 24 months so I receive 25% back in points. Being conservative (I have placed a few, more than 300pv orders over the past year), I earn 75 points a month. PLUS, YL often adds points to the ER promo for that month. I believe they did 40 points three times last year. That makes my points earning at: 1020. I have earned 1020 points in the past year — that’s $1020 I get to spend!

In fact, I have spent 1109 points in 12 months – that’s $1109!!

I’ll do the math for you: That’s $3420 in FREE products last year alone!

Let me just share that ONE MONTH alone, I spent $301 on my products, I received:

– 75 points with the 25% back

– An extra 40 points with the ER special that month

– AND $187 worth of FREE products!

$302 in FREE things!

I actually received MORE back than I spent

You just might want to be checking out this wonderful thing!! 🙂