#DIY Tissues with Young Living | Simply Serendipity


I love this project! I’ve already collected a few bags of lovely scented tissues.

From Young Living’s Facebook page: DIY essential oil-infused tissues! Remove tissues from their box. Pour 2-3 drops of your preferred essential oil (we recommend Eucalyptus radiata or Immupower!) onto a cotton ball, and seal the cotton ball with your tissues in an airtight container for 24 hours. Then remove tissues from airtight container and replace tissues in box. Repeat as needed to refresh scent.

My twist: I took two stacks of tissues out of the box and put each of them in a separate ziplock bags. I added a few drops of essential oil to the bottom tissue and sealed. In one bag, I used Lavender essential oil for days when I need emotional support and in the other bag I used ImmuPower for when I need immune support.

I just keep the tissues in the bag and they stay fresh. Easy, peasy and done in a flash!


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