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Let’s narrow things down, shall we? 🙂Anyone else feel overwhelmed by all the things we are supposed to be doing? Supplements, water, whole foods diet, exercise, relaxation, better sleep, balancing your hormones.

Even just exercise can feel overwhelming: cardio, weight training, stretching, core work, walking.

And supplements? Don’t get me started! I feel like every other day there is a new idea of what I should be taking.

What if… you could tap into the MOST important things you can do to support your wellness? Here at the wellness place, we took some time to think about what the most important wellness tips are for us. In fact, the 3 of us met with our husbands and the 6 of us narrowed it down to 10 things. 

Yep, 10. 

I’ll share 5 of them here with you and then you can grab our freebie Top 10 Wellness Tips List  for all 10. Yep, it’s a little click baity and I’m not sorry! You will LOVE what you get! 

Yes, the list, but also our weekly wellness email. I haven’t plugged our email yet on the podcast but I need to because it’s so good!

We actually spent weeks figuring out how we wanted our newsletter to look.

When you grab your top 10 list, you will also get our weekly email.

Okay, let’s get into this! 


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