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When we say, “There’s an oil for that!”, we really mean it! These gems from nature effect us in so many ways, physically, mentally, emotionally. They can also effect us energetically, helping us shift into a higher, more attractive, vibration.

If you are a Law of Attraction or personal growth lover, you are gonna love this!

One of the main ways I use oils in my life is to help me in my personal growth, building the life of my dreams.  As I make changes, step into new roles and new challenges, I grab an oil.

Join me most Mondays to learn all about using the oils to support your stepping into consciously creating the life of your dreams. I will be sharing specific oils, suggestions on how and when to use them, fun recipes, protocols from Gary Young (founder of Young Living) and more!

Next week I will be sharing a very special and powerful protocol from Gary Young!


Laura Erdman-Luntz: My life’s purpose is to inspire people to live Laura Erdman-Luntztheir Extraordinary Lives, that life that is deeply fulfilling, full of purpose and vibrantly joyful for you!

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