Join us for our January Challenge: Ningxia Red Challenge Shoutout!

Let’s OILevate our health together! Each month join us for challenges – to give you a focus on doing something to support your well-being.

This month, let’s OILevate, well, everything! Yep, NingXia Red is sort of an “all of the above” kind of thing.

Commit to drinking 2-4 oz of Nintxia Red each day and see what happens! Incredibly high in antioxidants, Ningxia Red can effect your energy, improve your sleep, support your immune system and so much more!

Let us know you are joining us by leaving a comment below.  Everyone who completes the challenge AND let’s us know how they felt, will be entered into a drawing for a Ningxia Red Chrome set (Value $70).

Join us each month for fun explorations – challenging ourselves to OILevate our lives in many ways!