Take what you need

Happy New Year!

As we roll into the new year, wondering how this year can be different … better. How about a new way of caring for yourself? Take a moment to breathe in and identify what you need … and claim it!  Claim it for yourself.

As we acknowledge and claim what we need, we are in fact taking our first step in creating this for ourselves.

So what is it that YOU need today? And guess what? There’s an oil for that! (Whatever it is!)

  • Inspiration is a “blend of oils that were traditionally used by native people of Arabia, India and North America for enhancing spirituality and meditation.”
  • Joy “creates magnetic energy and brings joy to the heart.”
  • Motivation “enables you to overcome procrastination” and “enhances your ability to move forward in a positive direction.”
  • Forgiveness “enhances the ability to forgive yourself and others.”
  • Clarity helps “promotes sense of clarity and alertness, especially when feeling fatigued or drowsy.”
  • Abundance contains oils “which were used by ancient cultures to attract prosperity and magnify joy and peace.”
  • Peace and Calming “encourages deep relaxation and can assist with meditation to promote a peaceful night’s sleep.”
  • Gratitude to “foster a grateful attitude and embrace the blessings in your life.”
  • Acceptance “encourages feelings of self-worth.”
  • Grounding is “used for clarity, to enhance positive emotions, or to enhance spirituality.”
  • Magnify Your Purpose “stimulates creativity, desire, focus, and motivation, encouraging you to seize initiative.”

Grab the oil you need and move forward in your life this year!


Natalie-L-M Headsdhot CroppedNatalie Luntz-Martin:  Inspiring freedom and possibility through coaching, workshops and oils!

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