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It happens to ALL of us!

There is something we feel like we should be doing – we should stop a certain habit or start another habit.

We should drink more water, go to bed earlier, 

In today’s episode, we want to give you some inspiration. Because we have all been there – knowing we should be doing something for our wellness, but not doing it! We know we SHOULD exercise or meditate or eat more vegetables or give up meat or drink less alcohol or eat less sugar or take supplements or or or.

But we don’t.

More often than not, we feel guilty, wish we had more will power and judge ourselves for not doing what we feel we should.

BUT there is more going on “behind the scenes” that you don’t realize and it’s those we are going to look at in this episode: 3 Surprising Reasons We Don’t Do What We Think Should Do.

Here is the list in a nutshell. Be sure to listen to the episode. We share ideas for “solving” these issues.

1. Negatively judge our “bad” habits: We put ourselves down and feel badly which just makes it harder to have the energy to change anything.

    2. Focus on what we don’t want – what we want to stop: So we are putting our attention on what we don’t want…rather than what we do. Guess what we think about all the time then?

      3. Assess things as bad – when we really, genuinely, enjoy them! Drinking wine or eating cake can be a good thing.


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