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All of us can use a good start to each of our days, especially our kids, and Young Living has the oils to help us do that. Our family’s two favorites oils to turn to each morning are Valor (or Valor II) and Joy.

  • Valor (or Valor II) Essential Oil Blend is one of Young Living’s most popular oils-and for good reason – it builds strength and confidence – who doesn’t want that? The story goes the recipe is from Ancient Roman times. Roman soldiers would coat their shoulders with the oil blend before going into war. Our favorite place to put it is on our feet, grounding our energy and helping us step with more self-esteem.
  • Joy Essential Oil Blend is a mix of woodsy and floral scents. Its aroma can uplift your mood and its vibration is the highest of all the oils except Rose Essential Oil. We find it most affected when a drop is placed right above the heart.


Note: We also like to mix these oils together in a diffuser and diffuse right before school and work.  (Mom’s note: Diffusing is a great way to get oils into your little ones who may balk at putting the oils on themselves!)

We have one more oil we like to add to our morning routine: White Angelica Essential Oil. This oil is a powerful oil for protecting energy fields and your emotional state.

Place a drop or two in your hands and pass your hands over your energy fields. You do this by starting at your face and running your hands down the front of your body to your feet. Then to the back of your legs and and up your back. (You don’t have to touch your clothes).  Finish by running your hands through your hair.

As you do this, visualize a protective shield of light around you.

You can also create a spray with White Angelica to spray over your body with the same intent.


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White Angelica Spray


  • 1 2 oz. Spray Bottle
  • Distilled Water
  • 10 drops White Angelica Essential Oil


Spray up and down you body and imagine a shield of protective energy.
Shake well before each use.