Moxie Me Challenge | Simply Serendipity

MOXIE | n | vigor, verve, courage

Yep, we need to up our MOXIE!

And let’s do it together!

(Plus … there are prizes!)

Ready to take your self-care to the next level? Self-care is all about filling ourselves up; supporting our minds, bodies and spirits with love and attention.

AND when we do so, we up our vigor, our verve, our courage — OUR MOXIE!

Essential oils are perfect additions to this process! They are fast, easy and incredibly powerful.

Soooo, our challenge for February is SELF-CARE! Let’s commit to what we want to do to take better care of ourselves. It can be something you do daily, weekly or something bigger you will do at some point during the month:

  • Daily: Get to bed at a certain time, meditate, take a bath, exercise, get fresh air, drink enough water, etc.
  • Weekly: Go to yoga class, have lunch with a friend, try a new recipe, etc.
  • Monthly: Have a retreat day, get a massage, do restorative yoga, etc.

Then, join us on our Facebook page.  We will be checking in with you every week to see how you are doing. Let us know on Monday what your commitment is. Then let us know the following week if you did it.

Everyone that completes their task for the week will be entered into a drawing for some yummy things made by your team! (With a self-care theme, of course!)

AND for the people that complete ALL four weeks of self-care commitments, you will be entered into drawing for a set of DIY containers and a copy of The Chemical Free Home!

Here are a few things to help you get going!

  • Need some recipes? Here’s a Moxie Me Recipes with a bevy of yummy things you can easily make for yourself!
  • And here is your Moxie Me Committment! Print, fill it out, sign it, then let US know what you are going to do!

Here’s Laura talking about self-care, if you want a bit more information and ideas!