Let’s Talk Rose Oil

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Let’s talk Rose Oil, shall we? I mean, really, $220 (only $180 wholesale) for only 5ml? Have a hard time understanding why those of us oil geeks, JUMP at the chance to simply smell this amazing gift from nature? (Or, if you are me, to get to hold the bottle?)
First of all, let’s talk why the cost. It takes 5,000 POUNDS of rose petals to create 1 pound of Rose oil. For those of you who need a picture in your head, that is the back of a semi-truck FILED with rose petals! Now you understand that when you find cheap rose oil, you KNOW it has filler.

Okay, so now we agree that the value is there — but why do we want it on our shelf?

Rose OilRoses-WEB‘s biggest claim to fame is it’s frequency, it is the highest frequency oil of any oil. In fact, it has TWICE THE FREQUENCY of the next highest frequency oil – Joy (which contains Rose Oil, by the way).

We ALL have a frequency, the measurable rate of electrical energy. The faster our frequency, the healthier and happier we are. (Another way we refer to it is “Vibration”.)

Our frequency is effected by other frequencies around us. (We start to “resonate” with our surroundings.) Hang out with people who have a lower frequency (they are angry, negative, etc.) and you will feel worse when you are with them. (When we say someone “brought us down”, we are actually referring to our frequency.)

The opposite is also true, hang with peeps who leave you feeling good, they bring UP your frequency.

We are also effected by lower frequency food. How good do you feel after processed, fast food vs. homemade food prepared from farm fresh, organic produce? Yeah, I know, really no comparison.

(Frankly, that’s how I feel about my Young Living oils vs. adulterated, perfume grade oils. But that’s for another post.)

We are effected by frequencies wherever we go. Think about places that leave you feeling better because you were there and ones that leave you feeling worse. Sometimes it is the actual place (a church, for example, might leave you feeling better) and sometimes it is because of what is there (e.g. people, smoking, gossip, etc, might leave you feeling worse.)Just-One-Rose-15off

The vibration of the oils effects us in the same way. Luckily ALL of the oils have a higher frequency than we do which is why we often feel better at an oil event when we have simply smelled a few oils as they were passed around.

But then there is Rose Oil….ahhhh…Rose oil. With a frequency of 320 MHz (Joy is 188 MHz and the
human body is around 62-68 MHz), the smell of it, well, it has a HUGE effect on us. Kinda like the difference of spending time with your friend who usually, but not always, leaves you feeling great and with Mother Theresa.

This oil is particular potent for emotional support and for the skin.

(Fabulous recipe for a facial massage oil: to a 1oz dropper, add 1 drop Rose oil, 2 drops Myrrh essential oil and 3 drops Frankincense essential oil.)

A little drop’ll do ya! This stuff is strong!


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