YL Stocking Stuffers

What, oh what, to purchase the people in our lives!! Why Essential Oil products, of course! We have put together the definitive guide for you.

Okay, maybe not definitive, but definitely helpful!

We have a few ideas for you…


Wholesale Account

First, and foremost, get her a wholesale account! Check out this post for more info and a cute graphic you can print.

People often purchase Premium Starter Kits for others through their own account. (You can order as many as you want through a Quick Order).

While it is SO thoughtful to purchase kits for others, it is even more thoughtful to get them their own wholesale account so they can order in the future for themselves. It costs the same, AND you also earn $50 thank you check from Young Living, AND they have their very own account!

Perfect Oils for Gifts!

Perfect Gift Products!

Here are a few of our fave products that make for great gifts under the tree!

Make Your OWN:

So many ideas we have shared throughout the year on our blog. Here are a few highlights. Plus, here is a summary of a bevy of ideas from other blogs.

Bath Salts

Good Lip Balm Banner

Goodnight's Sleep Banner

  • Linen Sprays: As part of our “Back to School” series, we share lovely ideas for making bed time more relaxing.

White Angelica Banner

  • Great Start Protocol: Give someone the gift of a great start to their day. Here is a spray recipe to help them do just that!

creme de la cream | Simply Serendipity

  • Body Cream: Make a lovely body cream for your friend, coworker, mother.

Bamboo Reed Diffuser | DIY Young Living Essential Oils