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Learn about the basics of Young Living, how to save money, safety considerations, the amazing products we have and more.

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Want a "Gentle Educational Experience"?

Young Living has so many amazing products and we have so many amazing wellness tips to share with you. We totally get how it can be overwhelming, especially at the beginning.

We created two ways to help you learn more in an easy, just a bit at a time way. You can receive a weekly text and/or email with just a bit of information in each.

TEXT: Text just the word “weekly” to (612) 263-7686.

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Note: The text and email share different information so doing both is recommended.

Have an issue, but don't know where to start?

SIMPLY :: solutions is a database of series of common reasons our community members have sought out Young Living products. We share Best Places to Start, Next Steps and more. Here is the list we have for you. We also recommend you reach out to your Personal Wellness Concierge who may also have a few resources for you:

Energy! Yeah, I Need That!

Let’s Focus! No More Brain Fog!

Healthier Homes: Greening Up Our Homes

True Relaxation

Better Quality Sleep

Rockin’ Immunity

Everyday Body Tension

Smoother Digestion

Stay Happy Oils

More Va Va Voom in the Bedroom

Keeping Acidity at Bay

Manifesting Oils

If you want to up your wellness journey but don’t know what to do:

We created a course with a workbook for anyone who wants to feel better, have more energy, etc, but just isn’t sure where to begin. SIMPLY :: the wellness blueprint, helps you work through the first 3 steps everyone needs to take – and gets you started!

Click here:  SIMPLY :: the wellness blueprint 

Addressing toxins in your home - a crucial step

One of the most important steps we all need to take is to address the toxins we have in our home, lurking in everyday products that can be cleaned up relatively easily. But where to begin? We’ve got you!

You can check out our podcast:


Or jump into the SIMPLY :: solutions for all the things: Healthier Homes: Let’s Green them Up!

If you are curious about essential oils

If you want to learn more about essential oils and why all of Young Living products contain them, whether purity really matters, etc, check out our super quick e-course: 

Just the Basics 

What to share with others

When you have a friend or family member who is curious about what you are doing that is helping you feel so much better, did you know you get benefits from referring people? We have a few resources you are welcome to send people to:

Just the Basics: The Essential Oil E-Course:

If someone wants to understand why essential oils are amazing and why we would want to incorporate them into our wellness lifestyle, this course is the perfect place to begin.

Share this link: https://simplytwp.com/learneo/

SIMPLY :: the wellness blueprint:

Created to help people take the next steps on their wellness journey, the blueprint guides you through the crucial first 3 steps.

Share this link: https://simplytwp.com/blueprint/

FREE TOOL KIT: Trimming the Midlife Waistline & Minimizing Belly Fat

Created by women of a “certain age”, this tool kit takes women through the 5 crucial steps we need to take at this stage to maintain (or reclaim) our waistline. AND, along the way, our energy, sleep, focus and more.

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SIMPLY :: clean, a 14-day lifestyle reset

Have you joined us yet? This reset is a powerful tool for combating inflammation, one of the main issues that causes so many problems at any stage of life. 

Share this link: https://simplytwp.com/clean